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With the purchase of my motorcycle came a strong desire to buy some classic gear. Unfortunately, although Vermont has a dealer for Royal Enfield Motorcycles, it falls shorts when it comes to motorcycle  gear.  Dont mistake me, there are few good stores, but hardly a choice. Most people buy online or use catalogs. I however, wanted to really try stuff out before I bought anything. Lucky for me, I got a cheap helmet from the dealer, so I could ride. But I didn’t have any leather. My hunt for a classic motorcycle jacket finally ended in Seattle. I had been searching high and low for a classic motorcycle jacket, but couldn’t find any store where I could go and try them on. After searching online I found a store which specialized in vintage leather jackets in Seattle. Thankfully I didnt have to wait long, my work led me there in early 2013. The Store – Insurrection Apparel (located in northern Seattle, close to the Boeing plant and aviation Museum) is perfect. It is small, but all they deal with is vintage jeans and leather. After spending close to 3 hours there, I finally picked up a 1960s Schott Bros Perfecto Motorcycle jacket – Cafe Racer Design. Its perfect.


As for my motorcycle helmet, I ended up “embellishing” my plain white, cheap helmet. One of my friends – Sarafina –  is great with drawing dark themed images. So while she was in Vermont, I got her a couple of permanent markers and lo and behold she created a work of art on one side of my helmet. Next time I am in NYC, I am hoping to convince her to finish up my entire helmet.

Why I Quit Facebook

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Yup. I quit!! :) last night. All I need to do now is not open it for 14 days and its gone for ever and ever.. :).


Ask me why:

– I never liked it: Back in 2007 when my friends in UK introduced me to it. It was all about poking and throwing things at each other.  I kind of had it in parallel to orkut until 2008-2009. That was when orkut went nuts with their UI and I decided to switch to FB. What was then a community of amateur who focused poking had become a huge social network. Almost everybody I knew was on it.. soon I had 500 “friends” (all people I knew). And I was turning into silly facbook zombie


-Symptoms of silly facebook zombie:

Opening up facebook randomly to check updates

A crave for attention almost equal to the crave for human flesh

A desire to post photos/posts which make you facebook “like”-able

A desire to stalk your ex

Sever mood swings when not enough people like your posts

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