The 80:20 Rule

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The paretro principle aka as the 80:20 rule or the rule of vitalities is a thumb rule used today by many a manager. However, there are some comic conclusions which can be arrived by using this rule on day to day life.

  • 80 % of our money is spent inmeeting a crucial 20% of our wants
  • 80% of our time is spent in tackling 20 % of our problems
  • 80% of those problems being created by 20 % of our family
  • 80% men gather around 20% women

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The Pullet Surprise

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I came to know of the pullet surprise quite suprisingly in the 1984 – January edition of RD – Reader’s Digest. hehehe ya I do read these books… The essay was based on the then out of publication book “The Pullet Surprise” written by Amsel Green . the article was entitled “”How to win a Pullet Surprise” and was writen by the famous American columnist – Jack Smith. (RD says this was condensed from Jack Smith’s book “How to win a Pullet Surprise” – 1982)


What is pullet surprise.. Pullet Surprise orginated from the words of a school student, who in his essay wrote “In 1957, Eugene O’Neill won a Pullet Surprise.” Well Pullet Surprise here is just the small boys understanding of the word, Pulitzer Prize. However – in todays context and after the work of a few authors Pullet Surprise is generally used to make a spelling mistake or a mis-spelled statement which not only changes the meaning of the sentence but also changes the meaning to a much more comical one.. Some examples from the essay are as below..

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