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I heard about it just yesterday… people in some parts of Africa eat coffee.. that is literary make a paste of the coffee bean powder and eat it… this is how its done… you take a brass jar… put it over a flame.. add coffee powder and little water… make it into a paste… continue with the same process till u are fill the brim of teh brass cup with a almost solid coffee paste… and then u consume the coffee using a spoon… rem to consume small quantities at regular intervals… and yes its hyper bitter but it is like eating the purest form of caffeine… anyways if you want it sweet u can add a bit of unprocessed sugar and do the mixing… am yet to find the related link or image … for this… in case u do please update…

Bang- a- lore

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I have the strange habit of splitting up names and make sense of them. Any how Bangalore is kind of my home town. That is my mother language is Kannada which is spoken in karnataka state and the capital of karnataka is Bangalore. A lot of my extensive network of relatives (although i dont even know a 4th of them properly) stay in this place. Well I have been an on and off visitor Bangalore since my childhood, primely because this city holds some charm, secondly its a nights ride from Pondicherry and thirdly coz Its one of those place u always end up going no matter wat.

Well my recent trip to bang was a really short one 2 days and i traveled there with my family (4 years since all three of us have done traveling together). This post will give u a brief outline of the place to eat in bangalore. Although there are many more than mentioned here these where the places i could cover in this short span of time. I will describe them to u chronologically in the order i vsited them.
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