Hunger Mountain

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Distance: 4 Miles

Time: 105 min ascent , 45 min descent

Who: with Mike A.

When: Sep 28th. 2013

Hunger Mountain’s trail head is at the end of Loomis Hill Rd. in Waterbury Ct., Vermont. Its an moderately difficult hike. More intense than long. It features some steep ascents and is lots of fun. The top is beautiful with views of both the White Mountains, The Green Mountains, The Adirondacks and the Stowe- Waterbury Valley.

Nepal 3 – The Decent

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My decent from the Hill Kingdom of Nepal was an awesome journey. As mentioned in my earlier posts, I did my 2 month summer internship at SNPL, Biratnagar Nepal in 2007. After my interns got completed, my co-students opted to go home directly the way we came, while I choose the more challenging path – a trip from Nepal to Darjeeling and Gangtok before a journey to Calcutta.

So one fine sunny day I set of from Biratnagar to Itahari. Itahari is a major junction on the H08 highway. In Nepal buses are no more than small vans run by private parties which ply from town to town. Mostly you change buses at every town. The Nepali way of life is something that can be told but must be felt to be understood. What ever be it is simple and makes one happy. After Itahari and after switching buses at two more places, I arrived at Birtamod. Birtamod lies close to the Nepali side of the East Nepal India Border. The next bus I took was to Illam.

Illam is proper hill country. The road winds through the hills mist-laden and smelling of tea and green all around. My SLR camera had run out of batteries so… sorry no photos. At Illam i found out I had come too far and need to go down a bit from where the road to Darjeeling branched off. The place was called Fickle (hope i got it right). So another trip down the mountain filled with more enthralling views saw me at Fickle. I now needed to travel to Pashupathinagar which met the Indian Border.

And this is where the trouble all started. By the time i reached Fickle, there was a slight drizzle. I managed to find a bus or rather a shared van (Maruthi Omni) to take me to Pashupathinagar. There were few passengers, old Nepalis mostly, that apart from a very nicely dressed Nepali girl. She seemed very urban in these surroundings. By the time we reached Pashupathinagar, the drizzle was more of an downpore. I had one huge wind breaker and a big backpack, and one small case with my laptop. There are basically two stops in Pashupathinagar one at the village centre and another at the border. All the passengers except the girl got down at the town center and the trip to the border was done in silence. Me, the girl and driver.

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