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One who flew over the cuckoo's nest

yesterday, in company of a good friend I watched the film One Flew over the Cuckoo’s nest. I had read the book before and as usual found the book to be better than the film (this one of the topics i will discuss soon in the blog). But one thing that inspired me over the theme of both the book and the movie was the authors underlying message of steryotypism. For those who have not read or watched the movie. Pls refer this link : One Flew over the Cuckoo’s nest. After the movie and as usual me and my friend got into a debate about the message. This blog will give you some key points that we discussed and exclude the immaterial crap….

The theme of stereyotypism or societies nonacceptance of certain stereotypes is one of the messages that is strongly portrayed in the movie and the book. Here the author shows rather convincingly how some people who are not actually insane (meaning that people who don’t have any actual genetic problems or medical conditions other than physiological) are treated like animals just because they are societal misfits. Leaving the movie and taking the theme for discussion let us plunge deeper into the issue.
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