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Well .. the site is hardly 4 days old… and i am getting a steady stream of new visitors… and its time for acknowledgments…

The person behind all this is Roderik… My dutch friend… as open as a dutch man can be.. He has given his support and input always anytime and anyplace… he a great friend… one hell of a robot with whom discussions don’t become arguments rather grow into ideas… some of my posts are based on the discussions we have had.. thanks mate
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Am I a Good Indian??

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yesterday sitting in an easy chair on the terrace of the house … on the balmy full moon night … i fell into deep thought (nothing unusual about this). There were certain things that buzzed in my heads. the article in The Hindu about so many students taking up technical studies and none opting for arts or science, the sessions in the parliament abt the N deal with the US, a totally comical speech by one of our politicians, my future… This posts will accumulate all these unrelated thoughts into some sense (hopefully)

The article:
The Hindu article link talks abt the increasing trend of Indian students getting into technical courses so much so in certain states there have been found to be no takers for the more traditional arts and science courses. Students who are guided by this trends loose their youth by spending lots of time at coaching calsses and going to unrealistic measures of pressure to achieve the objective. Now it is critical to see why do students take this path and why is the society supportive of this… It all starts when u are at the 9th class…. parents aspire their wards to become doctors and engineers as presently in India the best way to go abroad or make lots of money in the shortest time is through here… coaching begins… post 10ths std the IIT race begins.. many students drop an year after 12th to retake this exam again you may ask why IIT .. and the ans is simple… its one of the best institutes of technical education and secondly coz 80 % of the IIT graduates go to the west for subsequent research or jobs…. the rest who remain get very high paid jobs in India… If the ward is more oriented into medicine its a different story altogether … You join one of the very good medical institutes and again go to UK or Australia for ur MD. well I am not saying all of them go off but yes many aspire to go …

Well the point is that : “Indian youth aspire to go to the west / Indian society aspires for the west life” (a generalization arrived from the above discussion)
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