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Although Nepal has seen turmoil in its political circle, Life and nature are at its placid best.  The country offers un-spoilt, and for once “natural” nature. I had the pleasure to make this country my home for two months as a project trainee at the SNPL garment factory at Biratnagar.

Biratnagar is a commercial town almost at the border of India (some 10 Km off at the max). There are many entry points from India into Nepal. Most people use the Gohrakhpur Kathmandu route. But with Biratnagar being on the eastern tip of the country, the entry  was best if it happened from Kolkatta – Kathihar – Biratnagar Route.
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The 80:20 Rule

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The paretro principle aka as the 80:20 rule or the rule of vitalities is a thumb rule used today by many a manager. However, there are some comic conclusions which can be arrived by using this rule on day to day life.

  • 80 % of our money is spent inmeeting a crucial 20% of our wants
  • 80% of our time is spent in tackling 20 % of our problems
  • 80% of those problems being created by 20 % of our family
  • 80% men gather around 20% women

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