The Pullet Surprise

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I came to know of the pullet surprise quite suprisingly in the 1984 – January edition of RD – Reader’s Digest. hehehe ya I do read these books… The essay was based on the then out of publication book “The Pullet Surprise” written by Amsel Green . the article was entitled “”How to win a Pullet Surprise” and was writen by the famous American columnist – Jack Smith. (RD says this was condensed from Jack Smith’s book “How to win a Pullet Surprise” – 1982)


What is pullet surprise.. Pullet Surprise orginated from the words of a school student, who in his essay wrote “In 1957, Eugene O’Neill won a Pullet Surprise.” Well Pullet Surprise here is just the small boys understanding of the word, Pulitzer Prize. However – in todays context and after the work of a few authors Pullet Surprise is generally used to make a spelling mistake or a mis-spelled statement which not only changes the meaning of the sentence but also changes the meaning to a much more comical one.. Some examples from the essay are as below..

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IE – the Web Designer’s Head/Heart-Ache

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I have been  web designing from the past 6 months and the IE bug (like the tennis elbow) has bitten me too.. you can ask any web designer abt his browser preference .. and I am sure that most of them will vote for firefox and the rest for browsers like opera or open source linux browsers… and most of them will express constant dissatisfaction with IE (I will put up a poll with regard to this soon .. to measure actual statistics) .. however on the user side certain segments of the population still prefer IE… The statistics for my site stands as follows – 57% firefox, 33% IE (its funny that out of that 33%  – 66% use IE6) and the rest the others … thus the gap between the the dissatisfied web designer and his user base is established….

The problems with IE are many fold essp. for a web designer… IE although has improved in interpreting HTML correctly it messes up the CSS codes… More over it doesnt support some of the emerging CSS codes… like transparency ( opacity code exists, however its use gives other problems).. IE is rigid in interpretation of fonts and fine designing elements of site.. It does ok for a basic web page .. but for complex layout making the finicky browser work is one head ache… codes for ajax and JS also fail at times…

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