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Google is coming always coming up with path breaking innovations. Pioneers in AJAX, SEO, and now maybe a something better than good old mozilla. And the best part is they make it so much fun.

Google chrome is being introduced through a comic book – intelligently different . I think google knows that programmers will be the first to hear about it and therefore made the comic -technical, yet simple. It presents what i consider at different ways at looking at problems. The layout has tags on the top, every tag is a process (you have a process explorer to chk on the tags), malicious code is handled by the sandbox model, gears for developing web standards, and many more and all under open source (must visit and be read if u a programmer, so not elborating here). It seems that google machine is doing a lot of  “thinking-out-of-the-box”. And it is nice to see the revolution begin.

many people may not shift. Just as many people still use IE 6. But for people who change with times and technology Google Chrome seems promisingly new.


download chrome – Its available

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