Contemplations about Skin Color

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I love pondering over social questions…. most of my posts are a result of some verbal duals between me and my close associates… and this particular one was between me and my mom…

The question: Are Humans especially non-Caucasians partial towards fair skin?

NOTE: I have been trying to find some statistical studies supporting the answers to the above question. However, as of the moment, I need to continue with scanty data and assumptions (may tend to be personally biased at moments) so as to substitute for a lack of such studies.

Skin color is a result of presence of the pigment, melanin. Shades can vary from almost black to white. Generally people in the tropics are darker due to the higher exposure to sunlight. Melanin pigment actually helps humans to cope with the harmful UV radiation from the sun (a phenomenon which is much more critical in the tropics)

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How to find out if somebody has blocked you in gtalk

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Hello.. again I found an interesting way to find out if someone has blocked you in google talk… Only thing you need for the same is pidgin ( a third party IM messenger)

here is the step wise Instructions

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