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One of India’s Leading newspapers and my personal favorite for Indian news has finally launched a new, and much better content management system. I, was among the very first to congratulate the editor. I will list a few nice things about the system and some negative points that I as a web developer, and an ardent online news reader ( I read “The Hindu’, ‘The Guardian’, ‘The NY Times’ and ‘The Economist’ regularly) observed, while browsing through the site. Well first things first… here are the screenshots

The Hindu - Beta

The Hindu - Beta - Courtesy the Hindu ­čśë

The Hindu - old

The Hindu - old

As you can see, there is a lot of improvement, the CSS (styling) and code has tremendously improved. News is more visually accessible. The 3 column index page layout and 2 column news page layout is a nice spread. There are lots of added functionality like comments, tags, etc. Latest news and Todays news sections of the old version seem to be combined into one system. That’s really great. The top menu bar (which resembles NY Times top menu a bit) with sections are perfect. Somehow, I feel at home with the website. Well complements apart, there are a few things; ┬áReally minor ones which if implemented would make a difference…

First of all the News Flash section seems out of place. The font doesn’t seem to matchthe ┬árest of the layout. This is really a subjective choice, but I geninely feel there is ┬ároom for improvement here.

Second. After every comment there could be a horizontal rule i.e. is a line which would help separate it from the comment. I am sure that will make it easy to read.

Third. The Textual Google ads looks out of place. If the CSS of the ads were to be tweaked, I am sure they would fit perfectly into the site.

I am still exploring the site will definitely post any suggestions here… if there are any.. meanwhile… I email this post to the editor.

Ah there are more: to my surprise the site failed the CSS test by 10 errors by w3c. The error report is here

It shows up a lot of errors (36 for HTML 5 and more for XHTML transitional and even more for XHTML strict) in the markup test by w3c. The error report is here

Dear editor,

Hope these suggestions helped. Once again thanks and do keep the news coming.

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