April Fools Day 2010

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Found my first Prank on the internet… and well its not a surprise its GOOGLE with Google Glup . Oh looks like that was a prank from 2005 or is it really??

Found the following on google since last post

Voice Notifications on Google Wave
Google Docs

and i think this years best is from wikipedia. Homepage has an article about wife selling and how it all started. ( A bit anti-feminist but.. its April fool’s day… who cares)

More finds on google:
Google Romance again doubt if this of this year
Animal Translator
this is the vid of the same:

and Starbucks has this (actually never knew Starbucks even does this)

Guardian has this stroy

Economist has this story

More from google:

3D viewing on google books.
3D viewing of street view on google maps

both of the above are indicated by the small glasses icon

Changing the name of google from google to Topeka

Search time is measured by different time units… for example the following are what I got: icrofortnights, microweeks, nanocenturies, epochs, femtogalactic years, parsecs, 23.00 skidoo, jiffies, shakes of a lamb’s tail, gigawatts, hertz, Planck times, centibeats, centons, warp factors and “times the velocity of an unladen swallow”

Youtube logo looks strange donno what thats about

GAG is a google annotation lib for programmers.

Virgle has more updates (gosh I shouldnt have missed this out yest)

Well more as I find them

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