NI DAQ – VB 6 – Analog In and out

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This is one of the pieces of code I wrote for National instruments – data acquisition device. Again… unformatted uncommented code. Sorry!!!

The need:

Some high end academic need. Basically a combination of analog inputs gives an analog out.

The Setup ( a lot of unedited text from my report):

The system consists of hardware inputs and outputs (analog) which are interfaced with the PC using the DAQ (NI USB 6008 module). Controlling the system is a software program written in Visual basic 6. The program interacts with a database(access) to read and write values.

The data acquisition system is a National Instruments USB-6008 that has 4 Analog inputs, 2 analog outputs and 12 digital I/O lines. The kit comes with NI-DAQmx driver software and LabVIEW Signal Express software. The system can be programmed using  ANSI C and visual basic 6 (VB 6). Ref. Appendix 1 for detailed specification sheet for the NI USB-6008 DAQ

The hardware consists of

  • Toggle Switch (DEV1/AI0)
  • Push buttons (DEV1/AI1, DEV1/AI2)

The buttons indicate operations (steps of a task)

  • LED lights in serial with resistor (DEV1/AO1, DEV1/AO0)

The lights indicate success or failure of task

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