Why I Quit Facebook

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Yup. I quit!! :) last night. All I need to do now is not open it for 14 days and its gone for ever and ever.. :).


Ask me why:

– I never liked it: Back in 2007 when my friends in UK introduced me to it. It was all about poking and throwing things at each other.  I kind of had it in parallel to orkut until 2008-2009. That was when orkut went nuts with their UI and I decided to switch to FB. What was then a community of amateur who focused poking had become a huge social network. Almost everybody I knew was on it.. soon I had 500 “friends” (all people I knew). And I was turning into silly facbook zombie


-Symptoms of silly facebook zombie:

Opening up facebook randomly to check updates

A crave for attention almost equal to the crave for human flesh

A desire to post photos/posts which make you facebook “like”-able

A desire to stalk your ex

Sever mood swings when not enough people like your posts

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News Media in India

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I’m a huge news junkie and in the recent times have expanded my range to read:  FT,  WSJ, NYT, Guardian, The Economist and the Hindu on a daily basis. One trend I have been noticing in the recent past, is the amount of coverage India is getting by these papers ( The Hindu which is an Indian daily). NYT has opened an India focused section (India Ink); FT has a new India section; recently the Economist had a 14 page write up on doing business in India. Surely, India is making headlines. The question is how accurate or correct are these headlines.


While each of these news sources are very experienced in what they do. I personally find them to be quite lost when it comes to covering India’s changing social landscape. Recently the NYT published a piece on a NRIs return to India and how it was not the rosy place he had imagined. The backlash to that article was so quick and powerful that NYT had to publish a post defending its publication of the piece. Guardian took quite a critical stance on Indian GradPrix which was sour tasting for many of the article readers. The newspapers seem to be realizing how difficult it is to express opinions in India.  The issue seems to be the lack of a wholesome definition to India and its people.


India is a land of many. The poor, the rich, an emerging middle class, cultures, castes, languages and people. To each his own life, dreams and ideas of success. Hence opinions are not easy. But I dont blame these news papers for trying. I find The Economist to be very good at this. But what these news sources need to learn is how to address India as an whole and to understand the aspirations of each segment of its population.

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