How to find out if somebody has blocked you in gtalk

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Hello.. again I found an interesting way to find out if someone has blocked you in google talk… Only thing you need for the same is pidgin ( a third party IM messenger)

here is the step wise Instructions

1. Download and install Pidgin
2. Configure gtalk a/c
3. Enable viewing of offline users
4. Right click on the user who u feel might have blocked you
5. Press “Get Info”
6. If you see the Info the person has not blocked you.. If you dont see anything (i mean the info) The person has blocked you.

People I have tested this… and it works perfectly… I dont really knw if pidgin users already know of this.. but anyways..

Moreover I am developing a pidgin rediffbol plugin (windows Platform) and also trying to fig out invisble users in gmail using pidgin… Updates on them soon

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