Sanity and Insanity

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One who flew over the cuckoo's nest

yesterday, in company of a good friend I watched the film One Flew over the Cuckoo’s nest. I had read the book before and as usual found the book to be better than the film (this one of the topics i will discuss soon in the blog). But one thing that inspired me over the theme of both the book and the movie was the authors underlying message of steryotypism. For those who have not read or watched the movie. Pls refer this link : One Flew over the Cuckoo’s nest. After the movie and as usual me and my friend got into a debate about the message. This blog will give you some key points that we discussed and exclude the immaterial crap….

The theme of stereyotypism or societies nonacceptance of certain stereotypes is one of the messages that is strongly portrayed in the movie and the book. Here the author shows rather convincingly how some people who are not actually insane (meaning that people who don’t have any actual genetic problems or medical conditions other than physiological) are treated like animals just because they are societal misfits. Leaving the movie and taking the theme for discussion let us plunge deeper into the issue.

Society has always been reserved about accepting people who are different. But society itself is a contradiction of sorts. Every person in the society wants to do things differently and there by be considered unique. If the word society is rather overwhelming let us take it to be a group. People wen they have similar interest form groups. But every person in the group although associates himself with the group does things a bit differently … maybe not radically different but just minutely be different …so that he can be a center of attention. And a group of people accept a person into the group wen they share similar interest.

A person can kind of never say “I don’t care what others think” and live up to wat he said. It becomes rather impossible. the human mind always focuses on approval from some one or the other. Dat means that people do want to be a part of groups or in other words society at a large.

People who have been radically different always have the problem of either getting thrown out or some times as the case may have it been accepted like a craze so much so that they have large fan followings. Well it seems funny at times but how a human mind functions itself is very unpredictable but it becomes rather totally unpredictable on how a group of human mind function as a whole. They may accept or they may rejects. or they may do something in between like forming factions of approval or disapproval.

What is sanity? MSN encrata web dictionary defines it to be “state of good mental balance: the condition of being mentally healthy and able to make rational decisions”. And who decides if your sane or insane. …. A psychologist the people around you??? Well if you just thought the ans to be an Yes then you mean to say ur sanity is evaluated by another mind … or by another mind which claims to be sane. And how is that mind sane… it is sane coz some body evaluated that to be sane.People can never quantitatively evaluate thought. What one feels about you is very subjective. Although to quantify qualitative analysis is very difficult it has been achieved although with a lot of error percentage and assumptions. So if u take a larger sample data of peoples opeion and average them then you may get a quantifiable reply to their feelings.

For example: you have a supposedly mad person who doest suffer from any mental disorder and is only physiologically ill -an one Mr. X. He has been evaluted by doctors who have performed some tests on him and found him to be insane. All of Mr. X associates feels that he is insane as he does things a differently. Well in short Mr. X is labelled MAD. But jus look at this If we take a large sample data and we evaluate Mr. X again there maybe some one who calls him sane and the society may label that person who did that as insane. From this we can say : You are sane if you do things which everybody else does. And If that is sanity then everybody is insane coz everybody says he does things “MY WAY”.

People ways of thinking as mentioned earlier are rather unpredictable. feelings change and they cant be predicted or quantified. So should we rest a decision of acceptance of people who need to be associated positively with society something as flimsy as just an opinion or an average of opinions. Every insane person is sane in his own way. For example I am pretty sure some of you like to dance and sing in your bathroom. Well why cant u do it outside. People feel ashamed, scared of peoples opinion. But that doesn’t mean you are weird. but if you do it outside in public you become weird. Jus because so many people say ur are wierd ur dont become wierd you are wat ur.

Society and mankind have to learn to logically think and abolish the so called stereotypism. and accept the fact that everybody is different. One should not try to group people for acceptance. one must on the other hand accept people as individuals. Society grows slowly but many years from now we may have an all accepting society. Putting an full stop of to this crap…. hope i was successful in proving you are mad… and so am I… lets simply go MAAAADDDDDDDD>>>>

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