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I have the strange habit of splitting up names and make sense of them. Any how Bangalore is kind of my home town. That is my mother language is Kannada which is spoken in karnataka state and the capital of karnataka is Bangalore. A lot of my extensive network of relatives (although i dont even know a 4th of them properly) stay in this place. Well I have been an on and off visitor Bangalore since my childhood, primely because this city holds some charm, secondly its a nights ride from Pondicherry and thirdly coz Its one of those place u always end up going no matter wat.

Well my recent trip to bang was a really short one 2 days and i traveled there with my family (4 years since all three of us have done traveling together). This post will give u a brief outline of the place to eat in bangalore. Although there are many more than mentioned here these where the places i could cover in this short span of time. I will describe them to u chronologically in the order i vsited them.

1. The dough nut shop on Commercial street : located at one of those gullies off commercial street.. hard to spot but Grt place .. grt dough nuts and grt coffee I betch this is one of the best doughnut shops in the country. Avg price per dough nut is abt 25 rs. Servers grt coffee too… Tried the honey dipped classic, chocho classic, coconut topped and the pure chocolates dough nuts. the only thing i felt bad abt this place was that the people behind the counter were although dressed to the occasion seemed to be a a bit more traditional Indian. And this showed up drastically in the contemporary indian customer environments and americanized setting. However i dont blame them instead appreciate them for preserving their culture… 😀

2. Barista on CS: I always feel grt in the braista chains. Although much more costlier than the CCDs they one class apart. grt seating with the umbrellas and all. However it gets rather too hot wen the temp goes up. Had a large ice tea and black current .. ah forgot the name .. balck current with lots of ice on it… The ice tea was rather tealy tasty… and a bit bitter but with the thing inside me it felt grt….

3. Juice shop on CC: A must no no…. full of flies… stupid pricing and dont have half tahts mentioned on the menu card.

4. Food court – Garuda mall: first thing first garuda is not the biggest mall in South asia. (in ref to the report in India today – again if i am right .. i do rem reading that somewhr) one major drawback of the whole place.. no proper water dispensers.. a big no no esp as it is an absolute necessary in Indian climatic conditions

4. a. Pasta and more: grt pasta.. had the classic pasta … a bit spicy.. a bit low on quantity .. but absolutly made to perfection.. nice staff… I got the ginger bread combo.. although the ginger bread was a disappointment.. The bread piece was huge but it was not ginger bread rather bread with ginger paste on it.. something i dont like too much.. however… maybe thats what they meant by the term… But still i must say 10/10 for the pasta….

4.b. Beijing Express: one big shit hole of a place…. although nice display.. quick billing.. the food was horrible… asked for a American chopsuie… the dish was more like sugar syrup… tomatao.. fried noodles and more sugar syrup .. totally inedible…

4.c. Coke mobile: Good old coke rocks as always .. although a bit low on quantity for the price.. however the ginger ale.. was nice..

5. Kappi: Another coffee shop in garuda… Nice filter coffee although no description below the names in the menu card… well still the coffee is real good.. all strong and with less sugar.. if u never had one of these south Indian delights .. u must try this place…

6. Mouth freshener stall – Garuda: Sells some really traditional yet moth twisting mouth fresheners.. love the spread.. sales man good too… and u get to eat a lot of these for free.. i mean to test the taste.. 😀

7. Mirchi Bajji shop in malleswaram: I love these fried food… this is the place where u can get teh bang tasting bajjis… I dont know I have these fried dishes in hyd… pondy and anywhr i find them and teh taste diffres from place to place and shop to shop.. however i love bang’s mirchi too.. a bit dry.. more spicy .. i never miss this wen i am in bangalore

Mirchi bajji

8. Sugercane Juice shop: nice shop to sell a cheap drink.. always feel the posh must be added to such cheap yet ethnic drinks.

9. eatables along Malleshwaram – shampige road: jack fruit and steamed groundnuts are a nice food items which can be eaten while traveling along the balmy tree lined promande .. hehehe .. its not France.. However care must eb taken not to spill the food stuff as the crowd movements are irregular ..

10. Halli Manne: Claim : ” best south Indian coffee in Bang” I believe in this… i love this place for its coffee… nice decor and seating arrangements yet .. decor is lost in the crowds .. good food… esp south Indian didn’t try the north and Chinese dishes… i doubt if it comes to the mark… be safe stick to the good old dosa…halli mane

11. MTR – Mavalli Tiffin Rooms – lalbhag: One of those historic hotels of bang… people come from far and wide to here… well that leads to prob no. one long waiting lines… his place has not changed for years… and i tell u the wait is worth it… grt grt grt food… U get very few items served in teh traditional way… best choice is the rawa idli… a specialty there.. served with a small cup of ghee and freshly served coconut and coriander chutney… will leave u finger licking.. the chutney is so good .. u will not need anything else.. in fact u will find urself asking for more.. the ghee… adds to the luxurious taste… the dosa is also commendable… But vidyarthi bhavan holds competition in that segmentMTR waiting room

12. The hotel at majestic bus stand: Well i must say this place is not bad … ok food.. ok taste… at least u don’t fall sick after eating.. good effort.. clean in spite of the crowds… good coffee…

Hope u liked these food reviews… do take my recommendations and visit these places… it really adds spice to ur bang a lore visit.. 😀 cheers

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