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Every year, we come across some thing so innovative.. and with so much promise, that it may seem unreal as of the moment. Well, maybe this is a unopened truth, and maybe this will be a norm of the future.

BloomBox is a product of Bloom Energy, a company started in California, by an Indian – K. R. Sridhar (Well Indian or not doesnt matter too much, does it?). BloomBox is a step towards, affordable, pragmatic, alternative energy source. Basically, Bloombox consists of fuel cells, about 64 of them. Fuel cells, are generally, expensive, with low levels of efficiencies. However, somehow, BloomBox is breaking these norms. So much so, the company has seen quite a lot (about 9 companies) of successful implementations.

Well.. with so much being said and so much being promised. It is left to see, if BloomBox will be todays answers to tommorow’s problems.

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