LinkedIn – My Way – Part 3

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How to add people – Rules and Norms:
You have now created your profile and are ready to add people. Even before you think of this, a few of your more enthusiastic LinkedIn friends would have already sent you requests. Review them and add them. Remember, adding complete strangers is not the best idea especially if their invitation mail doesn’t contain any clue as to they are/ or don’t share a huge bunch of mutual friends/ or if you find nothing in common with them.

Now this is how you build your network,

Look for you academic classmates/ professional co-workers:

You will generally have about 50 -100 people who recognize you by face and name on LinkedIn. You can either find these people by looking through mutual friends, LinkedIn network recommendations, LinkedIn contact finder tools. These are the people who help your network grow and will be the biggest chunk of your network. But they really are not the people who will help you grow by writing recommendations and stuff like that. For people you think will recognize you immediately, send them the default LinkedIn add request.

Your academic faculty/professional bosses:

These are very important network connections. They are the people who will write recommendations and endorse your past career. Search and find them on LinkedIn. Once found, add them by composing a few line message something like

“Dear Dr. X,

If you remember, I had taken your course XX511: – “something” while doing my post graduation in ABC University. I had found the course very interesting and today, I use some of those classroom principals as a part of my job. It would be nice, if you would accept my LinkedIn invitation.

Thanks in advance
With best regards


“Dear Mr. Y

I am AAA, I had worked under you in ZZZ Company in for 6 months in the fall of 2009 as an intern. I must thank you for the wonderful learning experience. It would be nice to add you to my linkedin network.

Thanks in advance
With best regards

The message needs to be a simple, not long and narrative but crisp and positive.

The third is the open group:
They include –
Visiting card, networking contacts: Visiting card contacts are an important part of your network. They are your connection to the outside world (the one not defined by your current career path ). They can be anybody from people you meet randomly at a networking lunch, career fairs, professionals who visit you a place of work, people whom you meet in an informal dinner, etc. The best way to network these people, is to get their visiting cards and add them within 24-48 hours of you meeting them (when they still remember you). A simple invite mail which can be worded as follows can be sent

“Dear Mr. Y

I am AAA, we had met yesterday during the proceedings of the ABC conference. I found your paper very interesting and would like to discuss the same with you in some detail in the near future. Hoping that you would accept my LinkedIn invitation.

Thanks in advance
With best regards

Don’t wait for the other party to send you a request, your gain might not be their loss.

Academic, professional seniors:
There may be people, whom you may have never met, but were part of the same academic institution or worked in your position before you. These are valuable contacts as they are generally living your future. Write a brief note like below to add them to your network.

“Dear Mr. Y

I am AAA (fall 09-11 – Masters in XYZ). I am sorry we have never met, but if I am right you were a senior from the same department. It would be great to connect with you through LinkedIn

Thanks in advance
With best regards

Online groups/forums/LinkedIn contacts:
Many a time, you may develop a friends circle in discussion forums and other such websites. These are people whom you have never met but are experts in their fields. It’s always nice to be connected to them in LinkedIn. One way to go about this is to add your profile link as a part of your signature, so people can look at your profile and you. Another way, is to add people yourself. However, do wait till your credibility is established in the group before sending a request.

Friend of a Friend:
Your friends may know some people that you wish to know. One way to add them is to go about asking your friend to speak to them about you. Another way, is to write to that person using lines like:

“Dear Mr. Y

I am AAA (Title in ABC Company). I currently work with Mr. ZZZ, your co-worker in BBB enterprise. He mentioned that you had worked on a Blah Blah system and I was wondering if I could discuss some problems I had with the same. On that note, it would be great to connect with you through LinkedIn

Thanks in advance
With best regards

There are loads of other people who can be potential LinkedIn connections. Here the basic rules of networking (more people you know the better) applies. This is also not a single day process. Building a good network takes years and LinkedIn is just a way that you can keep track of them. One needs good communication skills and must be open. Remember, adding complete strangers without a proper reason is the worst thing you could do. LinkedIn has a mechanism where, if certain number people claim not to know you, you get banned from the website. Remember this while you add contacts.

Harvesting contacts:
Spend about 5 min – 10 min a day (other day), looking for potential contacts. Again use the various tools LinkedIn offers to find them.

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    I didn’t know adding strangers in LinkedIn can get me banned.Now that I am banned , how can I ask LinkedIn to remove the ban or is there any other way?

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    the only way is to contact linkedin customer service. You may want to read this

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