Why I Quit Facebook

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Yup. I quit!! :) last night. All I need to do now is not open it for 14 days and its gone for ever and ever.. :).


Ask me why:

– I never liked it: Back in 2007 when my friends in UK introduced me to it. It was all about poking and throwing things at each other.  I kind of had it in parallel to orkut until 2008-2009. That was when orkut went nuts with their UI and I decided to switch to FB. What was then a community of amateur who focused poking had become a huge social network. Almost everybody I knew was on it.. soon I had 500 “friends” (all people I knew). And I was turning into silly facbook zombie


-Symptoms of silly facebook zombie:

Opening up facebook randomly to check updates

A crave for attention almost equal to the crave for human flesh

A desire to post photos/posts which make you facebook “like”-able

A desire to stalk your ex

Sever mood swings when not enough people like your posts

– The privacy issue: The privacy issues hit me hard. I set my profile to the highest security level.. yet I was not too happy. Some random guy always ended up finding me. Moreover, as I advanced professionally, I felt the need for data privacy.


-The final blow – The new UI: That really got me. I hated the direction it was going. Becoming more cluttered. Making me see things that I didnt want to see. On the whole it disappointed me. FYI: I abhor the new gmail interface. Whats with silicon valley UI designers… have they lost their brains? Do they think about screen sizes before they make their awesome webpages?


Anyways… I am out! I have tried it before.. lets say I never had the balls to go ahead with it completely (believe me I think its like fighting an addiction).. but this time I shall hope to hold strong. I remember my prof say this: Why facebook when you have an email?As always there are 100s of ways to get in touch with me.. but facebook will not be one of them.


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  1. Eddie Says:
    January 14th, 2012 at 8:30 pm

    Congratulations, I think I will also be deleting my soon. As it is i have not checked it in weeks. I get quite annoyed when facebook invites are used in lieu of real communication. I almost missed an acquaintance’s birthday! ha.

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