Rain Man

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Rain Man is a story of a relationship between an autistic Raymond and his ambitious brother Morrow when they set of on journey across america. The film won 4 Oscars in 1969.

The movie is very moving as it projects the theme that every one who has a tremendous loss at one end has a tremendous gain at the other and also that people misunderstand and abuse other easily… however when they realize their mis-deeds the guilt is enormous. One must never underestimate any life form on earth. Each has its own beauty. It is very important to see things in light of their beauty rather than in sight of negativeness.. Looking at things this way gives one a tremendous appreciation to life and the world around us. In case we don’t do that then at one point or other we are forced to see the good side of things and that makes us terribly guilty.

Again in my previous blog I had debated about sanity and insanity. Saneness cant be defined… Anybody insane is not actually insane but unique.. Animals are like that too… they may not speak .. or rather we cant understand them.. This doesn’t mean they dont have a mind… when this respect for the life is gained… Life can be appreciated much more… Philosophy is easy to preach.. difficult to practice… However mass media like this is a very important communication tool… Young minds matured with thoughts like this will defiantly become better individuals… a must see if u have not seen it yet… Here are the Wikipedia and IMDb links for story line references



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