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yesterday sitting in an easy chair on the terrace of the house … on the balmy full moon night … i fell into deep thought (nothing unusual about this). There were certain things that buzzed in my heads. the article in The Hindu about so many students taking up technical studies and none opting for arts or science, the sessions in the parliament abt the N deal with the US, a totally comical speech by one of our politicians, my future… This posts will accumulate all these unrelated thoughts into some sense (hopefully)

The article:
The Hindu article link talks abt the increasing trend of Indian students getting into technical courses so much so in certain states there have been found to be no takers for the more traditional arts and science courses. Students who are guided by this trends loose their youth by spending lots of time at coaching calsses and going to unrealistic measures of pressure to achieve the objective. Now it is critical to see why do students take this path and why is the society supportive of this… It all starts when u are at the 9th class…. parents aspire their wards to become doctors and engineers as presently in India the best way to go abroad or make lots of money in the shortest time is through here… coaching begins… post 10ths std the IIT race begins.. many students drop an year after 12th to retake this exam again you may ask why IIT .. and the ans is simple… its one of the best institutes of technical education and secondly coz 80 % of the IIT graduates go to the west for subsequent research or jobs…. the rest who remain get very high paid jobs in India… If the ward is more oriented into medicine its a different story altogether … You join one of the very good medical institutes and again go to UK or Australia for ur MD. well I am not saying all of them go off but yes many aspire to go …

Well the point is that : “Indian youth aspire to go to the west / Indian society aspires for the west life” (a generalization arrived from the above discussion)

The Goverment:
Posing a question Why to the above made point: Why do Indians aspire to go to the west? The reasons are many: Primarily the first reason quoted is :India doesn’t offer a very good lifestyle.Although true, with the emergence of private sectors it is becoming better. However most public sector enterprises which form a part of the day to day life is a headache.. Institutionalized corruption… huge paper works… non efficient functioning are all highlights… So many public institutions are not accessed by the people unless ultimately necessary like the police, etc. Everywhere you have the above mentioned problems. people Living india would understand them better. To build a house you need approval from 5 different departments. each department needs bribes to function. you need political pulls and what not… However public institutions facing competition from the private sector have improved tremendously like the BSNL… but still there is this problems … Government is viewed as dirty water … maybe clerical and office based posts are ok.. but main stream politics is really considered to be a forbidden land for the educated and middle class Indians. It is intact very rare any body aspiring for this.. But the country with its forward look doesn’t need uneducated old men with crime history.. It needs aspiring sharp executives… that is the key to reform in this country… However the good is never allowed to survive in the govt… If you are not corrupt you an outcast in the large body of corruption… you maybe transferred to a less influential post.. or worst physical harm may come across you… even if some reforms are made there will be 100s of people who wont like them.. India is so diverse taht for every reform there will be a defiant opposition..Although administrative running of the country is done through people passing the IAS exams it is also true that a higher percentage of people writing these exams do not have the same educational qualification as a person working at an MNC in india (this trend is changing slowly).. which is one of the poorly educated belts in the country.. Why is that Indian politics all of the people have long family histories of politics.. why dont you see a young 40 -50 year highly educated IIT IIM graduate run the country???

Point two: the Indian educated elite and the Indian politico are two very different environments and are best left where they are – without mixing. One aims to make money by aspiring for a life in the west the rest aspires to eat the country from the Inside

Me and the country: I can confidently say that I come from the class of the educated Indians. Both my parents have long academic histories. Both have been to the west and have come back to serve the country. However every step they take could be taken much more easily in the west and they could have grown much more there. However, They have returned. And now me… I have graduated , I have been outside the country. Have seen my share of the world… and I see one side a ailing country with people who can make a difference leaving it and with people who say the serve it actually eat it… on the other i see a personal gain …

There are two ways to achieve personal gains
one) whr I go out of the country build my future – I become an NRI and pitifully send some money to some NGO in India and hope that they do wat they feel the best to uplift our nation…
two) join the private sector company – work for a west based MNC or an Indian company offering a service to the west.. (its pity that none of our Indian brands dominate world markets)

while paths are clear… the assurance of achieving goals are not.

If i go for personal gain… I am sure i will achieve it… although i will not contribute my knowledge to my country … I will still have a nice life … If i get myself involved in the politics and in the serious betterment of the country… I may end up being killed or die fighting and not making even a minuscule difference… I may loose wat all i have in aspiration of a dream…

There is no solution to this problem.. unless there is a uprising by the Indian youth.. the educated Indians must realize the direction which our country is going.. they must put their personal gains in the back ground and put the future of the country in the forefront… they must work towards cleaning the whole systems.. reforms should be put forward… and if they firm … I suppose India will be a shiny new country soon… jai hind… Please comment on this thought process as conclusions are yet arrived at

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